IC peer & replacement search - show all products with similar or better spec

The following product categories are available for the IC peers & replacement search:

  • DC/DC Converter with internal MOSFET (Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost)
  • DC/DC LED Driver with internal or external MOSFET (Buck, Boost)
  • DC/DC PWM Controller with external MOSFET (Buck, Boost)
  • Dataconverter (A/D, D/A)
  • References (Shunt, Current, Series)




How does it work ?

Step 1: Select a manufacturer and product from the drop-down menu or just type a product name into the quick-search field. A new tab opens with the 1-page product overview and all parameter details. Let's take for example LT3481 from Linear Technology, a buck converter with internal MOSFET.


Step 2: On the 1-page overview there are several options to adjust for the IC peers & replacement search. Without any adjustments, the peer counter uses 0% variation and therefore shows all available peer & replacement products with same or better main parameter stats AND minimum the same or more features.

  • The variation of the main parameter stats can be adjusted in 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% steps. Default search is using 0% variation, means all product peers need to have the same main parameter stats or better. Using the LT3481 example with 36V input:
    • 0% variation shows all peers with minimum 36V input or better.
    • 10% variation shows all peers with minimum 32V input or better.
    • 25% variation shows all peers with minimum 26V input or better.

2.LT3481-peers-counter 3a.LT3481-peers-parameter


  • Also the products features can be tweaked. Without adjustment, all existing features of the selected product are automatically checked and therefore need to be available also at peer products. Looking at LT3481 means, peers have to have adjustable Vout, non-sync, adjustable frequency, ext.clock sync., softstart, adjustable softstart, PG and light-load mode. As a result the counter shows 14 peers and replacement products which have minimum the same features OR more.
    • Now 14 products is a decent pool so it can be narrowed down further. Checking now also the features which LT3481 doesn't have (no tracking, no automotive, no current limit adjustment), means all peers should also not have those features resulting in 4 remaining products. Those 4 products have minimum the same main parameter or better AND exact the same features as LT3481.

3b.LT3481-parameter-choice-on 3c.LT3481-parameter-counter-2



Step 3: After clicking the replace button, all products are shown in the parametric table. In a last step all products can be checked and loaded in the side-by-side comparison. All main parameters and features are shown in a compact overview and also further parameter like frequencies, quiescent current and also packages can be compared. In the LT3481 example there is 1 product with the same package (LT3480) and a high chance of a pin-to-pin replacement peer. The other 3 products differ in package types and/or pin count but are functional fully equivalent.

4.LT3481-peers-parametric 5.side-by-side-compare-LT3481

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