ACT5880 PMIC overview



ACT5880 is a companion PMIC with 13 power building blocks. including a battery charger.

  • 2 Buck Converter
  • 1 Boost Converter
  • 10 LDO

All functions are controlled via I²C interface. Additional features are 3 open drain switches. a RTC and a Touchscreen input. It is available in 1 package option(s): FBGA-81 .

Parameter & feature overview

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Application Focus companion
Nr. Power Channel 13
AC Adapter/USB detection no
Battery Charger yes
Battery Charger with Power Path Management yes
Fuel Gauge no
Buck Converter 2
Buck Controller
Boost Converter 1
Buck-Boost Converter
Charge Pumps
LDO 10
Interface I²C
LED Boost Driver no
Nr. Open Drain Switch or Simple LED Driver 3
RTC yes
A/D Converter no
Audio Codec no
Headphone Amplifier no
Touchscreen yes
Outputs preset or adjustable preset or adjustable
System Vin min 2.6 V
System Vin min 5.5 V
Charger Vin min 4.2 V
Charger Vin max 6.0 V
Overall Vin min 4.2 V
Overall Vin max 6.0 V
Buck Converter 1 1200 mA
Buck Converter 2 700 mA
Buck Converter 3
Buck Converter 4
Buck Converter 5
Buck Converter 6
LDO 1 360 mA
LDO 2 360 mA
LDO 3 360 mA
LDO 4 360 mA
LDO 5 250 mA
LDO 6 250 mA
LDO 7 250 mA
LDO 8 150 mA
LDO 9 150 mA
LDO 10 80 mA
LDO 11
LDO 12
Boost Converter 1 Switch Current Limit 800 mA
Boost Converter 1 Vout max 41.0 V
Boost Converter 2 Switch Current Limit
Boost Converter 2 Vout max
Charge Pump 1
Charge Pump 2
Charge Pump 3
Buck-Boost Converter 1 Iout
Ambient Temperature min -40 °C
Ambient Temperature max 85 °C
Junction Temperature min
Junction Temperature max
Nr. of Packages 1
Package 1 FBGA-81
Package 1 dimension 6x6 mm
Package 2
Package 2 dimension

ACT5880 Datasheet

Link to the most up-to-date ACT5880 datasheet and the product page for EVM, tools and support information.


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