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Parametric search for Power Management IC (PMIC), also known as Power Management Units (PMU). Search 150+ products from 20+ manufacturer for a wide range of PMIC products. Starting simple with a 2-channel PMIC like 1-channel  DC/DC converter plus 1 LDO or a 2-channel   DC/DC converter all the way up to a 58-channel PMIC with battery charger, USB-OTG control, 10 DC/DC converter, 20 LDO and many more building blocks.

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PMIC combinations

Power Management IC with focus on power rails can be usually divided into 2 families. The ones with a battery charger and the ones without a battery charger.

PMIC with battery charger are usually dedicated for portable applications to power a special kind of application processor. If a PMIC and its power rails, output voltages, sequencing and so on is optimized to a dedicated application processor, they are called companion PMIC. The battery charger is usually optimized for a 5.0 V wall plug rail or a 5.0 V USB input for their 1-cell Li-ion battery and therefore the maximum input voltage is limited to 6.0V. The power rails can consist of any combination and any number of DC/DC converter and LDO. There are some products which can handle higher input voltages, like PMIC for 2-cell Li-Ion systems and a few which can withstand up to 40 V input voltage.

PMIC without a battery charger can be used in both worlds, the portable application or a system powered one. Everything else is very similar and we call them generic PMIC. This applies also to PMIC with battery charger but no focus a on given application processor. Due to the missing battery charger, the vast majority of the generic PMIC can only handle input voltages of 6.0 V or below (with very few exceptions).

PMIC Selector and parametric PMIC selection 

PMIC Selector guide

The PMIC Selector search filter are split into 4 groups.

  • First: Application focus.
    • A quick filter to search for companion PMIC or generic PMIC. Additionally it can be searced for common dual, triple or quad channel +/- split rail PMIC.
  • Second: Power building blocks.
    • Practically each PMIC power building block can searched for like battery charger, fuel gauge, DC/DC converter, DC/DC controller, LED driver, Charge Pump or LDO.
  • Third: Auxiliary building block.
    • Non-power building blocks can be searched for like audio codec, headphone amplifier, A/D converter, touchscreen, RTC or number of available GPIOs.
  • Forth: Misc.
    • Additional PMIC features can be searched like type of interface, adapter detection, power path management and output settings.


Not all parameter details are shown within the parametric search tables. For all details please click on the blue 'i' symbol to jump to the 1-page product overviews of each PMIC.

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