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DCDCselector is acquired by Sourcingbot is a parametric search engine for passive semiconductors, especially inductors and capacitors but also many other product categories. DCDCselector with its focus on Power IC is a perfect supplement to the Sourcingbot search engine. The website DCDCselector will be continued and will be in the intermediate run integrated into the Sourcingbot website. Please find more details under:




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Few bugs are fixed, distributor information is refreshing again correctly and showing the latest data.



We added a new large supplier for online stocking and price information to our product information pages. OEMsecrets shows now also for all Selectors and products matching distributors with inventory and pricing details. You can now easily switch between findchips and oemsecrets inventory details.




Update for the DC/DC Converter Buck-Boost Selector:

  • ~20 new products are added to reflect the actual market stand from manufacturer: Allegro, Fairchild, Intersil, LTC, Richtek and TI.
  • all products received a fresh calculation on each others equivalents/replacement suggestions.
  • the main search parameters are extended to reflect the wider product ranges.
    • Iout is starting now at 0.05A and going up to 5.0A max. (0.2A to 3.0A before)
    • Vinmin is starting now at 0.8V (1.2V before)
    • Voutmin is starting now at 0.4V (0.5V before)
  • some broken links are corrected



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electronica 2016 germany



Update and bugfix for the last column search result tables, 1k price information.

  • 1k prices show now up completely, all in USD
  • column sort function is now much more helpful and efficient
  • products without inventory are better to spot.




Several adjustment to the window/tab management. Clicking on distributor informations and buy-now button opens now a new browser tab instead of inside iframe windows. This makes it easier to continue browsing and sampling at the distributors website and avoids problems with iframe blocking browser functions.

In addition, new product additions for the Selectors:

  • DC/DC Converter Buck, Boost
  • Dataconverter A/D, D/A



Price and distributor information at the 1-page product overviews are now automatically checking if the shown information is up to date. If a page opens and the rotating loading symbol shows up, the latest distributor data is loading. Small bugfix, in some cases information of a wrong product was shown like TPA6211 instead of A6211. This is fixed now.

inventory-load-1 inventory-load-2



Expansion for all search result tables. We activated automatic inventory, distributor and price information within the last 3 columns of all search result tables. The button for manual inventor check is removed.




Major Upgrade for all product search result tables.

  • optimized load queue to speed up table creation
  • adjusted table headers and reduced item load by more than 50%
  • upgraded php and CSS classes
  • added a small load icon
  • tested on the latest browser versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Linux Mint 17.2 and Android.

Overall it shows a significant speed increase, especially at the larger tables like DC/DC Converter Buck. Please note, as newer your PC/Laptop system is as faster the tables build up. If anything is not working as usual:

  • please hit F5 for browser refresh
  • delete browser cache
  • still not working properly, please use our feedback form with a short description so we can fix it.



We are junior-exhibitor at the PCIM tradeshow in Nuremberg. Visit us from 10.-11. May at the Würth Elektronik booth in H7-219.




Our newest video about DCDCselector is online.



Global Linkcheck for all links going externally to the manufacturer product pages and replacement of broken links. If there are any remaining broken links, please tell us via the feedback form.



Update for the Buck LED Driver Selector.

  • added 50+ products
  • all links to the manufacturer product pages got checked and corrected if needed
  • small typo corrections at switching frequencies at Allegro products
  • updated AEC-Q100 and non-Automotive versions for a variety of Diodes products
  • corrected a typo at dimming functions at Marcoblock products.



We launched part 1 of the Wuerth Elektronik inductor calculation and recommendation system. Based on the max/min values of the DC/DC Converter a list of calculated and matching inductors is shown for all products.

  • matching inductors are shown for all products of the Selectors DC/DC Converter, Controller and LED Driver IC.
  • the used parameter are shown above the result table.
  • the article number/order code is linked to the Redexpert Tool from Wuerth Elektronik and shows many more parameters and graphs/charts for the clicked inductor.
  • the inductor datasheet is also linked.
  • shown parameters are inductance, saturation current, product dimension and a few others.
  • all columns are sortable, initial order Isat.
  • number of inductor results are limited to 2x Isat.

Example: TPS630250 right column, low side below the IC replacements.

TPS630250 TPS630250 inductor suggestions TPS630250 Redexpert

We are working now on part 2 which will include more functions and is showing more parameters. Additionally inductor calculations will be also shown directly within the search result tables for DC/DC Converter. Best inductor matches like smallest package, most efficient, lowest DC or AC losses and so on will be calculated based on the main search parameter and can be selected if wished. Feedback and ideas are very welcome.



Our website is now also optimized for Smartphones and Tablets. Laptop/Desktop user can switch between the modi via the browser zoom function.

Smartphone Version 1 Home  Smartphone Version 2 product page



Added 150+ products from the manufacturers AiT, AMS, Dialog, Exar, Intersil, Richtek, Ricoh, Rohm, Texas Instruments into the following Selectors:

  • DC/DC Converter Buck
  • DC/DC Converter Boost
  • PMIC



Note ! The global manufacturer pre-selection is currently out of order. Please use the local selection within each Selector.



Adjustments for the DC/DC LED Driver Selectors.

  • main-filter, preselection for the 'nr. of channel' was removed to enable a more flexible search.
  • a secondary filter for 'nr. of channel' was added to the parameter section on the left side.
  • columns of the search result tables were reduced and adjusted.



Adjustments for the DC/DC Controller Selectors.

  • main-filter, preselection for the 'nr. of channel' was removed to enable a more flexible search.
  • a secondary filter for 'nr. of channel' was added to the parameter section on the left side.
  • columns of the search result tables were reduced and adjusted.



Added over 600 products to the A/D Dataconverter Selector from the following manufacturers:

  • Analog Devices
  • Exar
  • Intersil
  • Microchip
  • Texas Instruments



Big Update for the A/D and D/A Dataconverter Selectors.

  • main-filter, preselection for the 'nr. of channel' was removed to enable a more flexible search.
  • main-filter, preselection for the 'min/max Sample Rate' were adjusted to show more initial search results.
  • a secondary filter for 'nr. of channel' was added to the Feature Parameters.
  • columns of the search result tables were reduced and adjusted.



The compare function is working again correctly, also from the search result tables. Please use the feedback button - top right corner - for fast bug reporting.




Our next speed update is live, all pages should load now quickly.



Added ~120 products from varios manufacturer into the following Selectors:

  • DC/DC Converter Buck
  • DC/DC Converter Boost



For the last few days the distributor inventory/price function and the refresh function wasn't working properly. This is fixed now and the distributor data is showing up correctly again. Also minor bugs in the product compare function and some PMIC descriptions are fixed.



Expansion of the PMIC Selector:

  • added manufacturer iCHaus and Samsung with their PMICs.
  • added 20+ products from Dialog, Ricoh and TI.
  • updated and more detailed product descriptions, including bulletins for the main building blocks.



Added 100+ products from varios manufacturer into the following Selectors:

  • DC/DC Converter Buck-Boost
  • DC/DC Controller Buck



We are starting tests with charts for easier and faster product positioning vs. the available market of a given product segment. The first 20+ products from the Buck-Boost Converter Selector are now equipped with such charts. We are looking forward your feedback and further ideas.

TPS63024 chart market position

A few product examples from our Buck-Boost Converter Selector:



Added a package column to the equivalent table. This visualizes in a few seconds if a chance for a 'pin-to-pin' equivalent product exists. Example: LTC3530

package details for LTC3530 equivalents



Part 4 of the replacement and equivalent IC search is live. Possible candidates are listed now by tolerance. Example: MP1400

equivalent & replacement IC table for MP1400 



Update and expansion of our feedback function. Tell us what you like, dislike or miss ?



We activated for all products detailed distributor information on inventory, samples and price. There are 2 drop-down menus:

  1. Distributors with inventory and price breaks
  2. Distributors without inventory at the moment, though with price breaks

For an example, click on TPS43060 DC/DC Boost Controller. Sample and volume purchase is possible via the buy button and guides directly to the basket of the matching online distributor.



Product Updates:

  • First expansion for the PMIC selector. Added 30+ PMICs and 2 new manufacturer.
  • All DC/DC Converter and DC/DC LED Driver Selectors got fresh 2015 product releases from the top 4 manufacturer TI, MPS, LTC and Maxim.



Manufacturer AiT is added, view all AiT products.

Manufacturer Eutech is added, view all Eutech products.



Follow  us on Twitter for the fast updates and news. The 2 latest tweets are now also visible on our homepage.




Launched a complete new Selector for multichannel PMICs. The first stage will enable PMIC search by building blocks, covering battery charger, DC/DC converter, LDO and many more. PMICs range from as small as 2-channel products all the way up to 58-channel PMICs. At start we have 14 manufacturer available and 100+ products for search. Try it:



Started our new Blog. The first article talks about a 5V, synchronous boost converter with internal 5A MOSFET. Read more about TPS61230 and its comparison to 6 industry equivalents.



Layout and speed upgrade for our website. It enables better content scaling on different monitor sizes and resolutions. Furthermore:

  • product quicksearch was reduced in size and included into the left side navigation.
  • social media buttons moved from the right screen border also into the left side navigation.
  • left side navigation and top menu are now 'sticky' during scrolling and always visible/usable.
  • moved at the 1-page product pages the compare/search/replace/stocking/price menu from the right to the left side.
  • general page speed was improved.



Started a new ASIC Manufacturer Selector. Almost all major catalog IC supplier offer ASIC services, though there are also many smaller design offices which develop custom ASICs. They offer specialized IP technology, process technology and often also existing ASSP for focus applications. With the help of the ASIC manufacturer search table, you can filter for world region, country, company and special application focus. Try now the new ASIC manufacturer search.

ASIC manufacturer search 


Product upload for:

  • DC/DC Buck Converter: Rohm, Texas Instruments
  • DC/DC Buck LED Driver: Golden Gate, Linear Technology, Supertex
  • DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter: Intersil



Update of our Spam filter for whole webpage access and findchips price+sample+inventory information. There should be no effect for human user, though in case of trouble or access problems please contact us so we can fix it.



Update for the upper and lower menu bar. Popular items are moved upfront and to the top menu, less used items are deleted or merged into the lower menu. The German menu is now synchronized with the English one and includes the same items.



Update for the comparison function. Changed the session URL into a static URL. This way any product side-by-side comparison can be easily shared by Email or Social Media with colleagues. So far a comparison was only valid during a user session, now the URL includes the compared products.

Before: After browser closing/shared by Email the compare function was empty and had to be re-entered:

Now: the ULR is active all time long:,3+LTC3646-1+MAX16903-3.3



Activated Social Media Functionality via quick buttons on the right side screen.



Small update for the compare function, up to 6 products can now be placed into the side-by-side comparison (5 before).



DC/DC Buck Converter: update with new Buck Converter for the parametric search.

  • added 100+ Buck Converter IC from manufacturer Altera, Analog Devices, Elmos, Exar, Micrel and Richtek.

DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter: update with new Buck-Boost Converter for the parametric search.

  • added 12+ Buck-Boost Converter IC from manufacturer AMS, Intersil, Linear Technology and Richtek.



Part 3 of the product peer and replacement search is active. The main parameters can now be adjusted in 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% steps. This increases the pool of possible replacements and increases search flexibility. This option is now active on all 1-page product product overviews for all Selectors.


More details and examples are described within the replacement search section.


The product quick-search field is moved to the upper right corner and always on. This enables the product search any time and from any website section.


DC/DC PWM Buck Controller: update with new Buck Controller for the parametric search.

  • added 300+ Buck Controller IC from manufacturer Richtek, Ricoh and Rohm.



Couple of small layout and font adjustments for the mini-entry-mask and few bugfixes. Also optimized it for very narrow window sizes like 200px width. No change on the code required.



Finished a mini-entry-mask for the parametric search which can be used from any webpage. The code runs in an iFrame environemt and therefore can be implemented in any html document on externel webpages. More details can be found in our download section.




Activated part 2 of the product peers and replacement search. Parameter ranges there adjusted in all product Selectors so that peers have to have minimum the same parameter range or better. Same applies for product features, so that possible replacements have to have minimum the same features, or more.

Product features of the selected product are pre-selected in the 1-page parameter overviews. If the peers counter shows enough replacements, it can makes sense also to check the 'not existing' features in case an almost identical product replacement is needed. Next, the displayed product peers can be loaded quickly into the side-by-side comparison for an even more detailed analysis and package comparison.

LT1934-same-spec-OR-more  LT1934-same-spec-AND-feature  LT1934-replacements-peers

Part 3 of the replacement search is already in definition and will include a '% Parameter Variation', counter updates for every single parameter and we will involve the package family.


News 2014


Bunch of small updates:

  • Bug fixes on few parameter, products and filter.
  • Cosmetic adjustments on some columns within the parametric search tables, mainly LED Buck Driver and LED Boost Drive Selector.
  • Added more matching Wuerth Electronic inductors for DC/DC Converter and LED Driver.
  • LED Buck Driver Selector received a new column 'number of channel' as more multi-channel LED Driver are available now.
  • We have a heavy roadmap in 1.Q. which will add useful new features and usability. Feedback and new ideas are always helpful, please tell us:



Activated the package information on all 1-page product overviews from all Selectors. This way package details and pin count are shown. Very visible and helpful during side-by-side product comparisons.



Product Replacement Search is receiving updates and will be deactivated or only partially working during the next days.



AEC-Q100 Automotive Section. All Sections have their product list completed. Products are grouped now by their 3 typical power rails (Power products) or number of channel, sample rate and resolution (Dataconverter products):

  • 5V or low voltage rails from 5V to 29V input voltage range
  • cars 12 V battery rail from 30 V to 45V input voltage range
  • trucks 24 V battery rail above 55 V input voltage range

Take a look into our AEC-Q100 Automotive Section and look through the product lists.



DC/DC Boost Converter: update with new Boost IC products and new manufacturer 

  • added 50+ products 
  • added new products from Fairchild, Golden Gate, Microchip, Taiwan Semi, Texas Instruments and Triune.
  • A complete overview of all DC/DC Boost Converter products and their manufacturer is shown in the IC product matrix.

DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter: update with new Buck-Boost IC products and new manufacturer 

DC/DC LED Driver Buck: update with new LED Buck Driver IC products and new manufacturer 

  • added 10+ products 
  • added new products from Taiwan Semi and Texas Instruments.
  • A complete overview of all LED Buck Driver products and their manufacturer is shown in the IC product matrix.



DC/DC Buck Converter: update with new Buck IC products and new manufacturer 



Enabled product quick search entry field which links directly to the 1-page product overviews for informations like:

  • parameter overview
  • datasheet access
  • product comparison
  • replacement search
  • samples, 1k price and more.



Activated product selection from within the parametric search tables and loading those products directly into the side-by-side comparison.



DC/DC Boost Controller: update with new Boost Controller IC products and new manufacturer 



Added a new menu section for Automotive AEC-Q100 products. For each product segment we list the available IC manufacturer and products with a short description and link to the 1-page product overview.



Update to the manufacturer overviews. We added a checkbox in front of each product so it can be directly loaded into the side-by-side comparison. Sometimes it is hard to find out the difference between 2 products if the part number is very similar like xx1, xx2, xx3. This quick comparison should help without reading each datasheet.

2 examples are shown:

  • Manufacturer Elmos has 2 similar part numbers for its DC/DC Buck Converter: E522.01 and E522.02. Checking both parts and loading into the quick side-by-side comparison shows that one part has a fixed 3.3V output and the other has a fixed 5.0 output.

 Manufacturer-Elmos-2 comparison-buck-converter-elmo

  • Manufacturer Fairchild has 5 similar part numbers for it's DC/DC LED Boost Driver: FAC5340, FAN5341, FAN5343, FAN5345, FAN5346. Checking all 5 products show that the main difference is the maximum output voltage and therefore number of LEDs each product can drive.

 Manufacturer-Fairchild-2  comparison-led-boost-fairchild



Changes for easier and faster usability. Instead of opening new tabs all the time to remain the present parametric search results and parameter selection, most windows open now in a lightbox. This allows a quick check for reading, datasheet opening or searching at the target page. It gives also direct access to datasheets, application notes and more - all within the manufacturers product folder and still be on the parametric search table.

The first screenshot shows which link opens in a lightbox and the other screenshots show their target pages.

  • manufacturer product folder
  • suggested inductor or inductor search tool by WE
  • Distributor inventory and pricing information by findchips

Note: the last 3 columns with samples, inventory and price only populate once you click the 'check inventory' button on the left menu.

DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows- DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows- DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows- DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows-



DC/DC Boost Converter IC: published the third market overview and feature report for Boost Converter IC



Activated on all product information pages (blue 'i' symbol) status information for samples, distributor inventory and 1k pricing. Clicking the button will open a lightbox window with all distributor details sourced via the webpage. This helps big time to get an overview on which distributor has how much stock available and at which price.

Notice: Within the parametric search function, you still need to click the button 'check inventory' manually once you have your parameters selected and your desired selection of products.



DC/DC Boost Converter: major update and expansion with new Boost Converter IC products and new manufacturer 

  • added 800+ new products 
  • added 7 complete new manufacturer and their products: AKM, GMT, IXYS, New Japan Radio, Ricoh, Seiko Instruments and Silergy 
  • added new products from the following manufacturer: Analog Devices, Diodes, Fairchild, Intersil, Linear Technology, Micrel, Microchip, Microsemi, Richtek, Rohm and Texas Instruments
  • A complete overview of all DC/DC Boost Converter products and their manufacturer is shown in the IC product matrix.



Bugfix for all package checkbox parameter. Sorting and result counting works now properly.



DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter IC: published the second market overview and feature report for Buck-Boost Converter IC



DC/DC LED Driver Buck: published the first market overview and feature report for step-down LED Driver IC

DC/DC LED Driver Buck: major update and expansion with new manufacturer, products, parameter and a new segment.

  • added a new segment, LED Driver with external MOSFET and expanded output current search parameter from 4A up to 20A
  • added 50+ new LED Driver Controller IC products with external MOSFET
  • added 70+ new LED Driver Converter IC products with internal MOSFET
  • added 10 new manufacturer: Elmos, GMT, Micrel, Prema, Richtek, Rohm, Sanken Semi, Silan Micro, Silergy, ZMDI 
  • added 3 new parameter to the drop-down selections: ext.clock synchronization, MOSFET intern/extern and temperature compensation



DC/DC Converter Buck-Boost: small update, added new products from Intersil, Linear Technology, Spansion and Texas Instruments.



DC/DC Converter Boost: small update, added new products from Texas Instruments and Torex.



Data Converter digital/analog: loaded 100+ new products and added 4 manufacturer: Microchip, Rohm, Intersil and IDT.



Activated the manual product comparison. So far the product comparison could only be reached via the search result table and the 'i' product specification pages. In case you know already part numbers and need a quick side-by-side comparison, this should be a helpful service. More Details and a video tutorial is available.



First part of the product replacement search is active for DC/DC Converter Buck. At the moment V-IN max, V-OUT min and other product features are pre-selected. Further features (available or not) can be selected via Checkboxes to increase product match and to reduce the number of results further. There is 1 bug with the product counter which will be fixed quickly.  



New quick guide video added, talking about the new 1-page product overviews



Adding video tutorials to most features, new functions and Selectors. First video shows a short introduction to the side-by-side product comparison. More videos and tutorials can be found on our youtube channel. The second video shows the new pre-and multi-select menu for manufacturers. Once set it is valid for all Selectors, useful for a selection of preferred manufacturer and supplier.



Lots of Upgrades and data base adjustments going on today, some Selectors/functions will be offline.

  • Major speed upgrade is live, usually tables need now 2s or less for loading.
  • Added a comparison function for up to 5 products. On the 'i' specification pages just hit the compare button and on the left side the compare cart shows for example 3/5 products. A new tab opens and a side-by-side comparison of all 3 products is available.
  • First part of the backward search is online,  manufacturer and product can be selected and needed parameters of the replacement product can be selected. Over the next 1-2 weeks we will add/activate the search button on each 'i' landingpage. 



Launched the multi-select menu for manufacturer with 2 targeted scenarios - on the homepage and within each Selector.

  • Within each Selector, several manufacturer can be easily selected by check-boxing. The real-time counter for available parts from each manufacturer will be added soon. 
  • Even more helpful will be the global multi-select menu on our homepage. The checking choice of a single or several manufacturer will be applied to any Selector you click on. So this makes it interesting if:
    • you have a certain set of preferred manufacturer you have to use or
    • you want to use it from a Sales/Disti/Rep perspective and pre-select a certain set of manufacturer based on your linecard.



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