RT9278 Boost Converter Overview



RT9278 is a 5.50 V, 2.00 A switch current limit sync Boost Converter from . The input voltage from 1.50 V to 5.50 V  can be boosted into an output voltage ranging from 2.40 V to 5.50 V.

Features of the Boost Converter are fixed 650 kHz switching frequency, a typical inductor size of 4.7 µH and it offers a peak efficiency of  up to 96 %. The minimum external component count is 9 and RT9278 is available in 1 package option(s): VDFN-10 .

For RT9278 replacement search, select a main parameter tolerance value and adjust the checkboxes for feature match. The product counter within the button shows the number of available equivalents and a click on the replacement button shows all possible replacements within a parametric overview.

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V-IN min. 1.50 V
V-IN max. 5.50 V
Current-Limit typ.? 2.00 A
V-OUT min. 2.40 V
V-OUT max. 5.50 V
VOUT adjustable
VOUT programmable no
sync/non-sync sync
Frequency typ. 650 kHz
Frequency adjustable fixed
Frequency selectable
Frequency adj. min.
Frequency adj. max.
extern clock sync. no
Softstart yes
Softstart adjustable no
Tracking no
PG/Power OK no
Frequency sync. min.
Frequency sync. max.
Down Mode yes
Quiescent current max. 350 µA
Operating min. -40 °C
Operating max. 85 °C
Junction min. -40 °C
Junction max. 125 °C
thermal shutdown typ. 180 °C
Inductor size typ. 4.7 µH
Inductor suggested by Würth Elektronik
Automotive AEC-Q100 no
Light-Load-Mode no
Topology Boost
Peak Efficiency 96 %
Component count min. 9
current limit adjustable no
Nr.of package options 1

RT9278 Datasheet

Link to the most up-to-date RT9278 datasheet and the product page for EVM, tools and support information.


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Alternatives and equivalents

The following DC/DC Boost Converter are similar to RT9278. Optional, compare RT9278 side-by-side with other Boost Converter via the Comparison function.

Variation Compare Product Manufacturer Package
0% MAX1703 MAX1703 product overviewMAX1703 product overview Maxim Integrated SOIC-16
0% MAX1763 MAX1763 product overviewMAX1763 product overview Maxim Integrated TSSOP-EP-16
0% MAX8815A MAX8815A product overviewMAX8815A product overview Maxim Integrated TDFN-10
0% AAT1218 AAT1218 product overviewAAT1218 product overview Skyworks TDFN33-12
0% TPS61029 TPS61029 product overviewTPS61029 product overview Texas Instruments QFN-10
0% TPS61029-Q1 TPS61029-Q1 product overviewTPS61029-Q1 product overview Texas Instruments QFN-10
10% LTC3539 LTC3539 product overviewLTC3539 product overview Linear Technology DFN-8
10% LTC3539-2 LTC3539-2 product overviewLTC3539-2 product overview Linear Technology DFN-8
10% MAX8627 MAX8627 product overviewMAX8627 product overview Maxim Integrated TDFN-EP-14
10% RT9276 RT9276 product overviewRT9276 product overview Richtek WDFN-10
25% AS1326 AS1326 product overviewAS1326 product overview AMS TDFN-10
25% LTC3125 LTC3125 product overviewLTC3125 product overview Linear Technology DFN-8
25% MP3414 MP3414 product overviewMP3414 product overview MPS TSOT23-8
25% NCP1421 NCP1421 product overviewNCP1421 product overview ON Semiconductor Micro8u2122-8
25% NCP1422 NCP1422 product overviewNCP1422 product overview ON Semiconductor DFN-10
25% TPS61020 TPS61020 product overviewTPS61020 product overview Texas Instruments QFN-10
25% XC9128 XC9128 product overviewXC9128 product overview Torex MSOP-10, USP-10B
25% XC9129 XC9129 product overviewXC9129 product overview Torex MSOP-10, USP-10B
25% XC9131 XC9131 product overviewXC9131 product overview Torex USP-10B
25% XC9135 XC9135 product overviewXC9135 product overview Torex USP-10
25% XC9136 XC9136 product overviewXC9136 product overview Torex USP-10
25% RP402-K001A-B-C-D RP402-K001A-B-C-D product overviewRP402-K001A-B-C-D product overview Ricoh DFN-8
25% RP402-K002A-B RP402-K002A-B product overviewRP402-K002A-B product overview Ricoh DFN-8
25% MP3414A MP3414A product overviewMP3414A product overview MPS TSOT23-8
50% AP6714 AP6714 product overviewAP6714 product overview Diodes MSOP-10
50% FAN4860 FAN4860 product overviewFAN4860 product overview Fairchild WLCSP-6, MLP-6
50% ISL9111 ISL9111 product overviewISL9111 product overview Intersil SOT23-6
50% ISL9111A ISL9111A product overviewISL9111A product overview Intersil SOT23-6
50% ISL9113 ISL9113 product overviewISL9113 product overview Intersil WLCSP-6, DFN-8
50% LT3473 LT3473 product overviewLT3473 product overview Linear Technology DFN-8
50% LT3473A LT3473A product overviewLT3473A product overview Linear Technology DFN-12
50% LTC3528 LTC3528 product overviewLTC3528 product overview Linear Technology DFN-8
50% MAX1700 MAX1700 product overviewMAX1700 product overview Maxim Integrated QSOP-16
50% MAX1701 MAX1701 product overviewMAX1701 product overview Maxim Integrated QSOP-16
50% MAX1705 MAX1705 product overviewMAX1705 product overview Maxim Integrated QSOP-16
50% MAX1760 MAX1760 product overviewMAX1760 product overview Maxim Integrated TDFN-EP-10, uMAX-10
50% MAX1765 MAX1765 product overviewMAX1765 product overview Maxim Integrated TSSOP-EP-16
50% MAX849 MAX849 product overviewMAX849 product overview Maxim Integrated SO-16
50% MP3115 MP3115 product overviewMP3115 product overview MPS SOT23-6
50% MP3120 MP3120 product overviewMP3120 product overview MPS TSOT23-6
50% MP3410 MP3410 product overviewMP3410 product overview MPS TSOT23-5
50% NCP1423 NCP1423 product overviewNCP1423 product overview ON Semiconductor Micro-10
50% SC120 SC120 product overviewSC120 product overview Semtech SOT23-6, MLPD-UT-6
50% SC121 SC121 product overviewSC121 product overview Semtech MLPD-UT-6
50% TPS61093 TPS61093 product overviewTPS61093 product overview Texas Instruments SON-10
50% TPS61120 TPS61120 product overviewTPS61120 product overview Texas Instruments QFN-16, TSSOP-16
50% TPS61200 TPS61200 product overviewTPS61200 product overview Texas Instruments QFN-10
50% ADP1607 ADP1607 product overviewADP1607 product overview Analog Devices LFCSP-6
50% ISL9113A ISL9113A product overviewISL9113A product overview Intersil DFN-8
50% EUP2410 EUP2410 product overviewEUP2410 product overview Eutech TSOT23-5
50% EUP2412 EUP2412 product overviewEUP2412 product overview Eutech TDFN-10
50% TPS61093-Q1 TPS61093-Q1 product overviewTPS61093-Q1 product overview Texas Instruments SON-10

Inductor suggestions

Below you can find matching inductors from Wuerth Elektronik calculated on the maximum parameters of RT9278.

V-IN min. 1.5 V, Current-Limit typ. 2 A, V-OUT max. 5.5 V, Frequency typ. 650 kHz
Order Code Spec L (µH) IR (A) ISAT (A) RDC (mΩ) L x W x H (mm)
744316047 0.5 15.0 16.0 2.75 5.5 x 5.3 x 4.3
744316068 0.7 12.8 13.5 4.00 5.5 x 5.3 x 4.3
744373360068 0.7 8.0 15.0 10.00 5.7 x 5.2 x 3
744383560056 0.6 8.5 10.8 7.00 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.1
744383560068 0.7 8.2 9.4 7.50 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.1
7447798050 0.5 18.5 18.0 2.20 10.2 x 10.2 x 6.4
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