MAX17036 2-phase Buck Controller overview



MAX17036 2-phase is a 1 channel, 2 phase sync Buck Controller. The maximum input voltage ranges from 7.00 V to 26.00 V and output current goes up to 65.00 A.

The Controller features adjustable 600 kHz switching frequency which results in a typical inductor size of 0.4 uH and a peak efficiency of 90 %. The MAX17036 2-phase is available in 1 package option(s): TQFN-40 .

Parameter and features overview

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Nr. of Channel 1
V-IN min. 7.00 V
V-IN max. 26.00 V
I-OUT? 65.00 A
V-OUT min. 0.00 V
V-OUT max. 1.50 V
V-OUT adjustable
V-OUT programmable yes
sync/non-sync sync
Frequency typ. 600 kHz
Frequency adj. adjustable
Frequency adj. min. 200 kHz
Frequency adj. max. 600 kHz
ext.clock sync. no
ext.clock Frequency min.
ext.clock Frequency max.
Softstart yes
Softstart adjustable no
Tracking no
Power Good (PG) yes
Enable yes
Operating min. -40 °C
Operating max. 105 °C
Junction min.
Junction max. 150 °C
thermal shutdown typ. 160 °C
Inductor size typ. 0.4 uH
Automotive AEC-Q100 no
Light-Load Mode yes
Single/ Multiphase multi
Nr. of Phases 2
Peak Efficiency 90 %
component count min. 37
current limit adjustable yes
Nr.of package options 1

MAX17036 2-phase Datasheet

Link to the most up-to-date MAX17036 2-phase datasheet and the product page for EVM, tools and support information.

MAX17036 2-phase

MAX17036 2-phase inventory, samples and price

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Table with equivalents and alternatives

The following Buck Controller are similar to MAX17036 2-phase. Or, compare MAX17036 2-phase side-by-side with other Buck Controller via the Comparison function.

Variation Compare Product Manufacturer Package
0% MAX17030 2-phase MAX17030 2-phase product overviewMAX17030 2-phase product overview Maxim TQFN-40
0% MAX17030 3-phase MAX17030 3-phase product overviewMAX17030 3-phase product overview Maxim
0% MAX17036 3-phase MAX17036 3-phase product overviewMAX17036 3-phase product overview Maxim
25% MAX17021 MAX17021 product overviewMAX17021 product overview Maxim TQFN-40
25% MAX17082 MAX17082 product overviewMAX17082 product overview Maxim TQFN-40
25% MAX17482 MAX17482 product overviewMAX17482 product overview Maxim TQFN-40

Inductor suggestions

Below you can find matching inductors from Wuerth Elektronik calculated on the maximum parameters of MAX17036 2-phase.

V-IN max. 26 V, I-OUT 65 A, V-OUT min. 0 V, Frequency typ. 600 kHz
Order Code Spec L (µH) IR (A) ISAT (A) RDC (mΩ) L x W x H (mm)
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