Overview on AEC-Q100 automotive qualified products and analog IC.

This list shows all IC manufacturer and products which are available as AEC-Q100 Automotive version. All products are part of the IC search engine and available within each Selector via the parameter 'AEC-Q100'.

The following Selectors feature AEC-Q100 automotive products:

  1. DC/DC Converter
  2. DC/DC PWM Controller
  3. DC/DC LED Driver
  4. Dataconverter

1. Automotive DC/DC Converter IC (internal MOSFET)

Currently ~200 Converter are avaible from various manufacturer. By far most AEC-Q100 parts are offered by Texas Instruments, followed by ST, ON and MPS. The largest choice of DC/DC Converter products are available for 12V car batterie operation and therefore operating with a maximum input voltage between 30V to 36V. AEC-Q100 non-synchronous Buck Converter are absolutely dominant, though the first synchronous 3A, 4A and 5A Converter are available now.

  • At moment (Nov. 2014) the highest power AEC-Q100 car optimized synchronous Buck Converter IC is MPQ4470A-AEC1 from Monolithic Power Systems. The IC features 36V input voltage and supports up to 5A output current.

Looking at the options for 24V truck batterie operation the product choice gets much less. Buck Converter with minimum 55V input voltage are preferred and only a few products are available. At least each power segment with 1A, 2A all the way to 5A output current is covered by at least 1 product.

  • At moment (Nov.2014) the highest power AEC-Q100 truck optimized non-synchronous Buck Converter IC is TPS54560-Q1 from Texas Instruments. The IC features 60V input voltage and drives up to 5A output current.

Read more and get a detailed product list inside each product segment.


2. Automotive DC/DC LED Driver IC (internal or external MOSFET)

Currently ~50 LED Driver are available from various manufacturer. LED usage and therefore LED Driver requirements are constantly growing in many segments within a car or truck. Just to name a few like interiar illumination, display backlighting, head-up projection, rear lights, day lights or full feature LED front beam lights. Both driver topologies are required LED Buck Driver which can run directly from the 12V car or 24V truck battery and LED Boost Driver which run most of the time from intermediate 3.3V or 5V rails, sometimes also directly from the 12V car battery rail.

  • At moment (Sept.2014) the only AEC-Q100 car optimized synchronous LED Buck Driver IC with internal MOSFET is TLD5045 from Infineon. The IC drives up to 7 LEDs down from 40V input voltage and supports up to 700mA output current.

Looking at LED Boost Driver IC, choices are very thin. The challenge is that most Boost Driver are developed and therefore designed for the Consumer market and often have a hard time to pass the AEC-Q100 test procedure. Though there is one advantage, multichannel products are available with 2, 4, 6 and 10 channel. There is a basket of products which can handle the 30V to 36V maximum input voltage for car batteries and but less than a handfull products for 55V truck systems.

  • Worth to mention is A8513 from Allegro Micro which is a non-synchronous 1-channel, 40V input, 55V ouput LED Boost Driver IC which can drive up to 14 LEDs with 150mA maximum output current. Though with different specification, there are 2-, 4- and 10-channel versions available.

Read more and get a detailed product list inside each product segment.


3. Automotive DC/DC PWM Controller IC (external MOSFET)

Currently ~60 Controller are avaible from various manufacturer. Most AEC-Q100 parts are offered by Texas Instruments, followed by ON and Maxim.

Read more and get a detailed product list inside each product segment.


4. Automotive Dataconverter IC (A/D or D/A)

Currently ~60 Dataconverter are avaible from only 3 manufacturer, equally spread among Texas Instruments, Maxim and Analog Devices.

Read more and get a detailed product list inside each product segment.


What are AEC-Q100 automotive products

A product is only listed if it is officially available as AEC-Q100 version, Grade 3, 2, 1 or 0. Optional a PPAP is available. AEC-Q100 or PPAP needs to be listed in the product folder and datasheet. In addition the product needs to be officially released and be public available on a manufacturers webpage. Example:


An automotive temperature range or automotive application focus or similar is not sufficient.


More products will be added step-by-step. If we missed any please help and send a short Email to: feedback@dcdcselector.com




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