Advertisement and Sponsor options. is free of charge for engineers and therefore depends on funding and advertisement resources. It is not possible to change or influence ranking in the product result table. All products are listed, ranked and sorted purely on their technical specs. Please contact for bookings.

We offer 3 options for sponsors and partners.

  1. Web banner advertisement.
  2. 'Push-to-first-page' product promotion.
  3. 'Add-on' placements for passive products.


1. Web banner advertisement.

Web banner feature 100% on-time and no rotation. A monthly report on impressions and clicks is provided. On approval we also support ad-server. Not all banner are available all time depending on booking coverage. Prices shown change without notice.

  Type Size in px Position Coverage Cost USD/Month Cost EUR/Month Availability
1. Leaderboard large 728x90 top all pages 650 600 no
2. small rectangular 180x150 left all pages 450 400 no
3. small rectangular 180x150 right all pages 400 350 yes
4. Skyscraper 120x600
right all pages 650 600  yes
5. Content Ad 300x250 - text pages 350 300 yes
6. Billboard 996x250 - text pages 400 350 yes
7. Leaderboard small 468x60 - product pages 550 500 yes



2. 'Push-to-first-page' product promotion.

Practically any product can be loaded into the slots. If a product is not listed yet and should be promoted, it can be loaded within 48hs. A monthly report on clicks is provided.

Quantity 1 product 2-4 products 5+ products Availability
cost per product/month EUR 350 325 300 all Selectors
cost total/month EUR 350 650-1300 1500-... all Selectors


Quantity 1 product 2-4 products 5+ products Availability
cost per product/month USD 350 325 300 all Selectors
cost total/month USD 350 650-1300 1500-... all Selectors


Even products loaded into the 'Push-to-first-page' slots need to meet the users search criteria and filters. As soon as such a promoted product doesn't match those requirements, it disappears from the search result list as any other product. Those selected products get pushed from any search result position to the first page of the result list - and get marked as advertisement. This can be interesting for new, top or leadership products to guide the users attention to them.

2.'Product-push-to-1st-page' advertisement.


3. 'Add-on' placements for passive products.

Currently three Selectors are available for 'Add-on' placements. Additional ones on request.

Selector  passive product Availability passive product Availability price
DC/DC Converter Inductors no - - on request
DC/DC Controller Inductors no - - on request
DC/DC LED Driver Inductors no LED yes on request


3.'Add-on' placements for inductors advertisement.



We are interested in long-term partnerships and prefer semi- or annual bookings which will help us big time in our roadmap planning and budgeting. Monthly or quarterly tests are available. Bookings can be changed and adjusted any time during the agreed period.

Please contact for your booking.


Note: Advertisement free Enterprise solutions for global corporations are possible, contact us to discuss.


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