About us - What is DCDCselector.com ?

DCDCselector.com is a parametric search engine for technicians and engineers to search thousends of ICs in 10 seconds or less. We are a big time saver for you and your team so you have more time to spend on other tasks.


What's so special to establish another component search engine ?

Several weaknesses are addressed.

Variety of analog IC manufacturer

We focus on a wide analog IC manufacturer range and complete product listing independent from sample availability at the major sample warehouses and distributors. Lot's of smaller analog IC manufacturer are not listed at those and therefore samples are only available directly at the IC manufacturer. Furthermore not all products are available for sale at the sample warehouses despite their existence. This can happen to many special analog IC with certain temperature ratings, automotive or military ratings or products which are just not popular. We make all products available for search, this way also parts and products from new or small IC manufacturer are available.

IC parameter overview

We listen to engineers and added lots of parameters which can be selected, all independent from each other, no range selections and all filterable. Parameters can be selected either via the left side drop-down menu, the table column headers or special buttons on the left and ride side like inventory, price, sample check or solution size comparisons.

An additional helpful feature is the 1-page product overview. Many IC parameters are already visible within the parametric search though by far not all. Clicking on the blue 'i' symbol next to the part numbers opens a new tab with up to 35 of the most important parameters per product - all on a single page. Without reading the datasheet, engineers get a quick and solid product overview in few seconds.

Easy to work with

Despite the flexibility we make the parametric IC search as easy and quick as possible. Also certain pre-settings are available like the analog IC manufacturer pre-selection via the multi-select menu on the homepage.  This helps to follow a preferred-vendor guideline by procurement for example. Alternative it can be used as a sales tool for distribution and rep engineers, pre-setting the whole webpage based on their product line-card. A quick video and tutorial for the IC manufacturer pre-selection is also available.

Special parameter selection

We added a lot of special component features which are very rare to find in IC search engines or haven't been listed and combined together. Examples are the typical inductor size and typical external component count columns to enable a size comparison. A ranking by total solution size will be added in 3.Q.2014. Other helpful parameter are peak efficiency, dimming functions, Automotive AEC-Q100 qualification and much more. Some parameters are covered in detail in the analog IC statistics, market overview and reports.

Working together with other webpages and resources

There are already many great webpages, companies and services available, no need to invent the wheel again. With the help from www.findchips.com, we added a query for stocking information across most distributors and warehouses, checking for sample availability, inventory and price information which can be pulled-in once the parametric search process is finished. Just click on the left side with the drop down menu the 'check inventory' button.

Saving time

Making an engineers life easier and a product selection faster. Therefore we added a side-by-side IC comparison function, no more pen, paper or Excel tables. This IC comparison function can be used either directly from the parametric searches and 1-page overviews or products can be also manually selected into this comparison function. A quick video and tutorial for the automatic or manual IC comparison is also available.

What's next

We activated the product replacement search as beta test. If a product runs out of production and made obsolete, or is just hard to get or not deliverable at all it is time to look for an IC replacement. A product can either be manually selected or the IC replacement search can be directly from the 1-page overview started. The main parameters are selected automatically plus key parameters, optional ones can be selected by choice. The number in (.) shows the available replacement products which have a similar or very close specification. A quick video and tutorial for the IC-replacement search is also available.

Which electronic parts can be searched so far ?

You can choose among the five component families which are listed. More are in preparation and those are MOSFET, OpAmps and Li-Ion Battery Charger.

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