AEC-Q100 DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter IC for Automotive.

All Automotive AEC-Q100 Buck-Boost Converter IC feature internal MOSFET. AEC-Q100 is a feature which can be also easily selected during the parametric search for Buck-Boost Converter IC. The following overview is split into 3 segments. Each shows a link to the 1-page parameter overview, a short product description, package options and the manufacturer name. Each 1-page parameter overview provides additional information which may help during the decision process.

A. Automotive Buck-Boost Converter Products

Product Description Package Manufacturer
TPS63000-Q1 A 5.50 Vin sync Buck-Boost Converter with 1.20 A output current, fixed 1500 kHz. QFN-10 TI
TPS55065-Q1 A 40.00 Vin non-sync Buck-Boost Converter with 0.50 A output current, fixed 440 kHz. HTSSOP-20 TI
TPIC74100-Q1 A 40.00 Vin non-sync Buck-Boost Converter with 1.00 A output current, fixed 440 kHz. HTSSOP-20 TI
TPIC74101-Q1 A 40.00 V non-sync Buck-Boost Converter with 1.00 A output current, redduced 380 kHz. HTSSOP-20 TI


TPIC74100-Q1 can support a wide range of applications. It is currently one of the the most generic buck-boost converter for car applications, although its 5V output limitation. More details can be found directly at the TPIC74100-Q1 product folder at the Texas Instruments webpage.


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B. Manufacturer

The following manufacturer has qualified DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter IC with internal MOSFET for AEC-Q100. This can be Grade 3, 2 or 1.

in categorizing work prozess and backlog:

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Looking for more AEC-Q100 products in other categories, please read the Automotive AEC-Q100 products overview. Or get started and run a fresh parametric Buck-Boost Converter search from the beginning.




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