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Parametric IC search engine for analog IC and electronic components.

A new and independent parametric IC search engine for analog IC. Our strength in IC search is the wide choice of parameters and the large variety of IC manufacturer. At present you can search 60+ analog IC manufacturer in our IC search engine. Selectable parameters are optimized for each product family. We offer up to 30+ parameter per product segment and up to 35+ parameter in the 1-page product overviews. Additional tools which help during the selection process are the product side-by-side comparison and product replacement search.

Please read our News archive for the latest search engine, usability and expansion updates.

Start parametric IC search and select your product group via below tiles.

internal switch
(0.01A to 35A)
internal or external switch
(0.05A to 4.5A)
external switch
(0.1A to 250)
find any product with same or better
performance than the selected one
beta v.0.5
6 bit to 24 bit
(0.6 SPS to 5 GSPS)
A/D: beta v.0.5, D/A: beta v.0.8
compare up to 5 products side-by-side
with up to 35 parameter





News October 2014


Changes for easier and faster usability. Instead of opening new tabs all the time to remain the present parametric search results and parameter selection, most windows open now in a lightbox. This allows a quick check for reading, datasheet opening or searching at the target page. It gives also direct access to datasheets, application notes and more - all within the manufacturers product folder and still be on the parametric search table.

The first screenshot shows which link opens in a lightbox and the other screenshots show their target pages.

  • manufacturer product folder
  • suggested inductor or inductor search tool by WE
  • Distributor inventory and pricing infomation by findchips

Note: the last 3 columns with samples, inventory and price only populate once you click the 'check inventory' button on the left menu.

DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows- DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows- DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows- DCDCselector-Lightbox-windows-

News September 2014


DC/DC Boost Converter IC: published the third market overview and feature report for Boost Converter IC


Activated on all product information pages (blue 'i' symbol) status information for samples, distributor inventory and 1k pricing. Clicking the button will open a lightbox window with all distributor details sourced via the webpage. This helps big time to get an overview on which distributor has how much stock available and at which price.

Notice: Within the parametric search function, you still need to click the button 'check inventory' manually once you have your parameters selected and your desired selection of products.


DC/DC Boost Converter: major update and expansion with new Boost Converter IC products and new manufacturer 

  • added 800+ new products 
  • added 7 complete new manufacturer and their products: AKM, GMT, IXYS, New Japan Radio, Ricoh, Seiko Instruments and Silergy 
  • added new products from the following manufacturer: Analog Devices, Diodes, Fairchild, Intersil, Linear Technology, Micrel, Microchip, Microsemi, Richtek, Rohm and Texas Instruments
  • A complete overview of all DC/DC Boost Converter products and their manufacturer is shown in the IC product matrix.

News archive with older updates and roadmap.


Our IC search engine strengths:

  • 60+ IC manufacturer ranging from small startups, over niche and special focus to the large and industry dominant manufacturer
  • detailed 1-page product overviews with up to 35 parameters all on a single page
  • rare to find and unique parameters like peak efficiency, inductor size, external component count, total solution size
  • side-by-side comparison of up to 5 products
  • product replacement search for similar part list and search (beta)
  • distributors sample, stock, inventory, pricing information for all products (beta)
  • additional resources like list of all products, help and tutorial videos, statistics, markets, parameter and manufacturer reports is a fast and easy parametric search engine for electronic parts and especially analog IC. With our large selection of standard plus unique technical parameters, engineers can find their ideal product within seconds and solve their application problems quickly. For feedback, questions and more please contact us via

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