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Parametric IC search engine for analog electronic components

Welcome to the DC/DC IC Selector - a new and independent parametric IC search engine for analog IC. Our strength are the fast and easy search, find and compare functions for analog IC. Please read our news for the latest search engine, usability and expansion updates.

Search ...more than 60 IC manufacturer, ranging from start-ups, special-focus supplier up to market leader.
Find ...more than 10.000 products with detailed 1-page overviews and with up to 35 parameters.
Compare ...side-by-side up to 5 products with most parameters all on 1 page.
Replace ...and find peers via searching and comparing the main parameter and product features.
Price/Inventory ...and sample availability check in real-time at all global online distributors.


Start the parametric search with the particular IC Selector.

internal switch
(0.01A to 35A)
internal or external switch
(0.05A to 4.5A)
external switch
(0.1A to 250)
find any product with same or better
performance than the selected one
6 bit to 24 bit
(0.6 SPS to 5 GSPS)
beta v.0.5/0.8

















A wide range of analog electronic components can be searched like DC/DC Converter IC, DC/DC PWM Controller IC, DC/DC LED Driver IC, analog/digital dataconverter, digital/analog dataconverter and precision references. Main applications are power management and power supply, signal chain and data conversion as well as illumination.


First time using the IC Selector ? Take a tour through our screenshot examples.

DC-DC-IC-Selector product-comparison-analog-ic LT1934-replacement-search

Example 1: parametric search for DC/DC buck converter with internal MOSFET, plus 1k price, sample availability and distributors.
Example 2: side-by-side comparison of 5 DC/DC buck converter with the most important parameters.
Example 3: peers and replacement search for LT1934 with main parameter and feature match function active.


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